Our Approach

*Tailored approach from Retained to Contingency

The Search Process

Consultation and Needs Assessment: Through a series of conversations and meetings, we learn about the client's organization, the specifics of the position and the key selection criteria that will ensure an optimal selection. In this exchange, we will learn about the client's operating environment, culture, business model, and key selling points of your company. We will also define the scope of duties, reporting relationships, and any challenges an incumbent will face within the first 6-12 months. Together, we will define how success will be measured. We will develop a general understanding of compensation ranges.

Formulate Recruiting Plan: Once we have a clear understanding of our client's objective and key selling points to attract the ideal person, we develop an exhaustive recruiting plan to zero in on the pool of prospective candidates. This plan incorporates our 20 years of contacts and network within the mortgage banking industry. We are able to source our candidates from our own database of similar searches, a network of other boutique firms that we have a rapport with, conferences we attend, and our direct solicitation of the target group of pier competitors. This dedicated, rifle approach ensures the client's need is presented to a comprehensive group of qualified prospects.
Projected timeline: Initially 2 days, however the recruiting plan evolves throughout the search.

Profile and Evaluation of Candidates: As we identify potential candidates, we develop profile information, and evaluate their skills and accomplishments to the client's needs and expectations. We determine their level of interest in the opportunity and their motivation to make a change. We also identify specific questions or concerns that you will want to address in the meeting stage.
Projected timeline: Minimally 3 to 12 weeks.

Candidate Presentation: As we determine which individuals meet your needs, and are genuinely interested to pursue the opportunity, we will present their credentials and our conclusions both verbally and in writing. Once we have a consensus, w will arrange for the client to meet face to face with the candidate.
Projected timeline: Presentations can occur as early as the 2nd week of the search.

Coordinates Meetings with Candidate and Client: We ensure both client and candidate are prepared for the conversation and have insight into specific questions and information that will be discussed. It is important for searched candidates to have a sense of who they will meet and what their relation is to the position. After the meeting, we debrief both parties, and assess their level of interest after this first meeting.
Projected timeline: At the mercy of both sides schedules.

Selection and Securing Final Candidate: Through our conversations with both parties, we ensure everyone's questions are answered and expectations are clearly understood. At this point we complete thorough due diligence on the candidate. Once we are both confident in our choice, we work to finalize all terms and reach an acceptance of terms. Our approach will minimize some of the back and forth negotiations, and ensure both parties are ready to commit to one another.
Projected timeline: 2-10 business days.

Post Acceptance and Transition: We will work closely with your new executive to ensure a smooth resignation and to minimize any risks of counteroffer. Together with the client, we will work to build on the enthusiasm, and commitment of the candidate to enhance their transition to your company.

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